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*Results may vary for every individual taking Arginine Cardio.

Arginine Cardio is far superior to Proargi9 Plus
L-Arginine is far more effective with the correct ratio of L-citrulline.**

The ProArgi9 Plus amounts of Arginine/Citrulline blend for one scoop daily have an effective amount of 5000 mg of Arginine working a few hours to produce Nitric Oxide levels.****(See the graph below). A few of hours is not enough time, the body needs 24 hours of Nitric Oxide production every day.** Dr. Böger's scientific discovery shows in the graph below that 24-hour coverage of Nitric Oxide at high levels is 200% more effective that L-arginine by itself.* The only product on the market today is Arginine Cardio at 2000 mg of L-arginine and 1000 mg of L-citrulline taken every 12 hours produces Nitric Oxide levels high enough to accomplish Dr. Böger's scientific research.** More arginine is not the key, it's the ratio of L-citrulline to L-arginine so long as the ratio is in order and it's level is 3000 mg combined per scoop and 6000 mg daily are aborted into the blood stream.**

Study shows that Arginine Cardio formula last longer with the correct ratio of L-citrulline.*

Arginine Cardio is more effective in Nitric Oxide production than Proargi9 Plus per jar simply because of 2 scoops a day of the Arginine Cardio jar.**** EachArginine Cardio jar has 60 scoops and each scoop lasts 12 hours.** In 24 hours, jar per jar compared to Proargi9 Plus the science established that Arginine Cardio produces far more Nitric Oxide.** Arginine Cardio cost $69.95 or $59.95 (priced at 3 jar volume) each jar containing 60 scoops. In taking 2 scoops per day - 12 hours apart you have L-arginine in your system 24 hours a day.** When you keep that sustained level of 2 scoops a day reaching the 6 week mark the effective amount of Nitric Oxide increases in the body by 200%.** Review the study below, arginine without the correct L-citrulline doesn't increase week after week. Please look at the dotted red line in the graph below, it shows the plasma nitric oxide level being the same after 6 weeks. The blue line shows the added L-citrulline going up week after week and by the 6th week is significantly greater in plasma output.*

Proargi9 Plus on the other hand has 30 scoops per jar - a month supply.**** In taking one scoop daily you have an effective amount of 5000mgs working a few hours of productive Nitric Oxide.** In 6 weeks there is no doubling of plasma levels. This study shows that L-arginine by itself doesn't affect the nitric oxide levels in the forearm: The reason for this is because of the amount of L-citrulline. L-citrulline is the amino acid that extends the life of L-arginine.**

This analysis was done by Dr. Rainer Böger.

Below is the test of the 200% increase with Arginine Cardio after 6 weeks of continuous 2 scoops per day. Note how the L-arginine increases from 80 to 160 plasma levels. L-arginine with 2 scoops a day only increased 90% not 200% and the study was based on 2 scoops of Arginine Cardio per day verses L-arginine.

After animal experiments and early clinical studies had revealed that dietary L-citrulline causes an elevation of L-arginine blood levels.** Professor Böger and his team performed this clinical trial to show that a combination of L-arginine plus L-citrulline leads to a higher and more sustained elevation of L-arginine in human blood than L-arginine by itself. After 12 hours - which is the relevant time point for twice daily intake - plasma L-arginine was still significantly elevated when combined L-arginine/L-citrulline was administered, whereas L-arginine blood levels were completely back to baseline after administration of L-arginine only. The amount of L-arginine/L-citrulline was identical to the formula in Arginine Cardio.**

Dr. Rainer Böger, MD, Head of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Hamburg formulated Arginine Cardio from his research.

Dr. Böger has been rated the number 1 doctor in the world on Arginine research. Click on this link that evaluates all the research doctors in the world: list 100 out of 65,000 that were evaluated. You will see that Dr. Böger is in the second position. Dr. Ignarro is way down the list and Dr. Prendergast is not on the list, who was the formulator in conjunction with Nature's Sunshine for ProArgi 9 Plus.

When you click on Dr. Böger's name you will find 85 published papers and you can read anyone of them. You will also find his Bio and his specialty in L-arginine Research.

Dr. Rainer Böger MD world-renowned doctor, Professor and Head, Clinical Pharmacology Unit Institute of Experimental medicine at the University of Hamburg and Toxicology Center of University Hospital in Hamburg, Germany. He has been researching L-arginine for 25 years and has written over 100 peer reviewed scientific published papers on L-arginine. He has discovered some very important issues concerning L-arginine and wellness. If you have been taking an L-arginine supplement and have not had a noticeable change in your health or a change in your blood pressure, it maybe that the product you are taking has not been sufficiently formulated.* This has been the case with 1000's of people.* Arginine Cardio is a 4 year old product based on over 25 years of research by Dr. Rainer Böger. The ingredients are all based on wellness issues.

Arginine Cardio last longer making Nitric Oxide than L-arginine alone.**

L-arginine/L-citrulline ratio needs to be in order and you need 2 scoops a day. This was a study done by Dr. Böger.** When the ratio is greater than 3 to 1 L-arginine does not last 12 hours in the system.** It needs to last 24 hours a day and the only way to get there is with 2 doses a day, 12 hours apart and then this boost of a 200% increase at the 6 week mark will happen.** This is a 200% increase in Nitric Oxide production in the blood stream. The results from this phenomenon are staggering. This knowledge was established by a scientific study.**

Here are some other ingredient's that help the formula.

Resveratrol - is a prominent antioxidant ingredient in red wine. It has been suggested that it is the basis for the so-called "French paradox", i.e. the fact that people who drink red wine regularly have a better life expectancy than those who do not consume red wine.* Resveratrol appears to have a better and more focused antioxidant effect on the vasculature than any mixed antioxidant vitamin cocktail.* Resveratrol is not red wine extract; red wine extract is a poor substitute.*

Coenzyme - Q10 (coq10 ubiquinol) is a critical co-factor for energy metabolism in muscle. Lack of coq10 ubiquinol may be associated with symptoms of weakness, fatigue, and muscle dysfunction, which may extend to the heart muscle as well.*

L-Carnitine - is a carrier that helps the muscle to take up lipids from the blood stream and utilize them for energy generation. Sufficient L-carnitine levels are a prerequisite for optimal muscle work, including the heart muscle.*

L-Taurine- is a natural molecule that is essential for maintenance of the function of the heart muscle. L-taurine deficiency has been shown to be related to heart dysfunction and symptoms of heart failure.*

Magnesium - The health benefits of magnesium have been vastly underestimated. For example, one meta-analysis published earlier this year in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at a total of seven studies collectively covering more than 240,000 participants.The presence or absence of adequate levels of this basic mineral may epigenetically alter the expression and behavior of the proteins in our body, thereby altering the course of both health and disease.* Magnesium also plays a role in your body's detoxification processes and therefore is important for helping to prevent damage from environmental chemicals,heavy metals and other toxins.


Inflammation is a factor in practically all disease, according to curcumin researcher A. Jay Goel, Ph.D. director of Epigenetics and Cancer Prevention at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.***

Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant known to science, hundreds of times more powerful than blueberries, which have substantial antioxidant capabilities themselves. On the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale that rates the antioxidant power of foods, curcumin rates 157,000 per 100 grams, while antioxidant-rich blueberries have only a 6,000 ORAC rating per 100 grams. This means that just one high quality curcumin supplement delivers more than 26 times the antioxidants in a serving of blueberries. Curcumin may scrub the oxidative "rust" from the cells helping with serious diseases. It may help with cell deterioration and restore the cellular genetic codes to younger levels, ensuring those cells will reproduce more like they did when a person was young. * More important, from the viewpoint of damaged cell division found in cancer, curcumin also tells the cells to die when their time comes as ordained by nature, which may help with tumor growth.***

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** Dr. Böger's Scientific Study showing Arginine/Citrulline combined in graph above:

*** Circumin and the Inflammatory Response: Potential Physiopathological Implications." Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics 458, no. 1 (February 1, 2007): 48-56.



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